Building Engineering Education Infrastructure

Central Florida's strong, vibrant economy is dependent to an increasing extent on a diverse technical workforce. The graduation of engineers, scientists, medical technologists and others who make up the technical workforce are reliant on a quality K16 education. In particular, the future of engineering necessitates that an engineering presence be established early on, beginning with elementary education and be nurtured through high school graduation.  This requires continuing coordination between school systems (K12 and higher education) and a commitment to support the process by key administrators.  The College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) at the University of Central Florida (UCF) refers to this as "Building Engineering Education Infrastructure". 

An important step towards building engineering education infrastructure is recognizing engineering education (and other STEM programs) in practice.  There is need for a statewide STEM directory that identifies existing programs to help eliminate duplication of effort and better coordinate limited local and state resources. Towards this end, CECS Outreach hosts a stateside conference for Florida K-12 STEM educators, administrators, faculty and practicing/retired engineers involved in formal and informal, pre-college engineering education called the Florida Engineering Education Conference. Please visit our conference site for additional details.