About our Programs

For almost a decade, our college has hosted a national technology literacy program called the the Internet Science and Technology Fair (ISTF) to encourage young students to explore science and engineering careers. In realizing the benefits student teams reported working with on-line ISTF scientists and engineers, we created the Why Engineering Survey to learn first-hand why practicing professionals became engineers and to better understand decisions they made during their early years, their academic studies and while in the workplace. An outcome of the survey was that over 80% of the engineers surveyed did not come in contact with an engineer in the classroom prior to the post-secondary education. As a result, our office developed the Engineering Futures Forum working with area high schools to to acquaint students with information from the Why Engineering Survey, learn about engineering futures (from professional engineers) and discover engineering degree programs available at UCF.

A Broader Mission

Our office recognizes that the future of Florida is dependent on a strong engineering workforce and we must build on existing engineering education infrastructure (programs that work) to increase the number and diversity of young students that select engineering as a career. In response we are working on an initiative called Building Engineering Education Infrastructure. CECS Outreach will again be hosting our annual pre-college engineering education conference.